About SushiVid

SushiVid is an award-winning tech-based influencer marketing company focused on creating original content with authentic personalities. Our goal at SushiVid is to help the region’s talent connect seamlessly; to create a space where Brands and Influencers can align to create fresh, impactful and highly engaging content. The SushiVid team is flexible & nimble to cater to our clients & brands every need. We are your outsource team, your consultant, and your software in one.

SushiVid Team Ramadhan Dinner 2023


SushiVid was founded in 2015 by Wen with the intention to solve one problem to provide an opportunity for all influencers to do what they love which is to create content for a living.

With dedication and hardwork for 7 years, we made over 55,000 branded contents, have more than 8,000 paying brands on the platform, and paid over 6,000 influencers across Southeast Asia. As our business continues to grow, we expanded our reach to include KOLs from China, Indonesia, The Philippines and Singapore.

SushiVid was also selected to participate in the Alibaba Business School’s eFounder program. After which, Wen became the Ambassador of Malaysia for the Alibaba eFounder fellowship.


As a forward looking business, we are always on the lookout for what will become of influencer marketing in the next 3-5 years trajectory.

Changes To Our Workflow & Services

As the years passed, we too mature as a company. Our team has moved on from simple management skills to doing deep work and from basic reporting to advance analytics. We’ve taken away all the simple tasks through automation and enabled our team with tools and data to do more strategic things for our clients and influencers. Today, we not only help our clients to project manage their influencer marketing campaigns, we help them strategize too. We run year-long campaigns and build linkages to websites and WhatsApps to create a seamless experience for everyone of our stakeholders.

We have expanded our offering from simple influencer marketing management to also include a project management software for agencies to manage influencers like an expert. What we intended for our personal use ended up becoming such a revolutionary solution we wanted all agencies to have it too. We also help our clients to manage their TikTok shops and TikTok ads, and finally, we also help brands with their ongoing Iive streams as their content creator.

We look forward to sharing with you all the exciting things we have done & will be doing in the future. Do get in touch with us.

2022 is not yet over but we can already tell it will be our best year yet. So much has changed, we've updated our working processes massively. Our team is much happier at work (influencer marketing at scale can be daunting, we're proud to say we have changed that), our clients are getting much more in return and our influencers and talent managers are definitely feeling the overall increase in our level of professionalism.

Now we are so ready to innovate more.

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