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Why live stream?

Real time engagement

Live stream welcome instant reactions, inquiries and feedbacks which in term leads to higher public awareness for your product and services.

Richer content

Influencers are able to demonstrate the what, why and how of the product or service vividly. You can have a lot of fun with live stream content ideas.

Trust money Can't buy

Influencers have established strong connections between them and their followers. Representing your brand on their social media will deepen the followers’ trust in you too.

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How It Works

01 Talk to us

Talk to us about your live stream ideas and provide information on your live stream objective, product or service.

02 Choose influencers

SushiVid will customize a list of suitable influencers for your campaign and send you the list to choose from. Be sure to view their profile and choose the KOL that best fit your campaign.

03 Send the product to KOL

Send your product (if any) to the influencer. Upon receiving the products, influencers will go through the products thoroughly to deliver accurate information during the live stream.

04 Finalize date

Finalize a live stream date, time and duration with the influencers. Influencers will also promote live stream via Instagram and Facebook before the live stream date.

05 Live stream session

KOL goes live on chosen social media. Be ready for on-the-spot engagements from the live stream audience.

Talk to us
Choose influencers
Send the product to KOL
Finalize date
Live stream session

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