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Why live stream?
Real time engagement

Instant reactions, inquiries and feedback during livestreams lead to higher public awareness of your product and services.

Richer content

Influencers are able to demonstrate the what, why and how of the product or service vividly. You can have a lot of fun with livestream content ideas.

Trust money can't buy

Influencers have established strong connections with their followers. Representing your brand on their social media will deepen the followers’ trust in you too.

Want to become a livestreamer yourself but don’t know where to start?
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SushiVid x Lazada

In affiliation with Lazada, we are more than capable to coordinate and guide you through Lazada Livestreams effectively.

Our Team of Experts

Our Livestream experts will assist and guide you from A to Z in organising a Livestream Campaign. Share your goals with us and we will be sure to assist you.

A Variety of Livestreams

We can organise Livestream campaigns that suit your needs, be it small at-home Livestreams or big studio Livestreams. You name it, we do it.

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01Talk to us

Tell us about your product, service, as well as your objectives and targets for the livestream campaign.

02Leave the arrangement to us

Simply select the most suitable candidates from our customised list of KOLs/Livestreamers and finalise your idea. We will then do all the work including Livestream scripting, and suggest what can be done to improve or get better results.

03Finalise the date

We will propose a few dates and times for the Livestream campaign for you to select and finalise from.

04Send product to KOL

You can either ship the product directly to the KOLs or through us. KOLs will go through the product thoroughly to deliver accurate information during the stream.

05Livestream session

We will handle the entire process including the backend and Livestream monitoring. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the Livestream!

SushiVid Platform
Talk to us
Leave the arrangement to us
Finalise the date
Send product to KOL
Livestream session
Case Studies

Check out some of our successful Livestream campaigns!

Logitech 9.9 Livestream Campaign 2021
Logitech 9.9 Livestream Campaign 2021

Logitech organised a Livestream for the 9.9 Campaign. Two Macro Influencers were engaged to do Instagram Video posting to introduce the featured product and Instagram Story to drive audience to watch the Livestream. The two experienced Livestreamers hosted Live on both platforms, Lazada and Shopee to promote the deals that Logitech had during the 9.9 sales and to push the audience to make a purchase during the flash sales. Approximately RM15,000 of sales were done in 1 day from 8.9.2021 to 9.9.2021, from both platforms - Shopee and Lazada. Considering the fact that this was our first time collaborating with Logitech, we were very pleased with the sales results. We also learned that the Livestream time plays a crucial role as it could affect the number of viewers, engagement and sales. During the livestream we mainly focused on product explanation and demonstration instead of pushing for sales. Since Malaysian audience is more acceptive of the soft sell approach rather then hard sell, it benefited us during this livestream. For the future, we could definitely improve on having more pre-sale streams for the 9.9 campaigns. The most optimal pre-sale stream time would be 9PM until 12AM. This would help and secure more views right before the sale begins, resulting in better engagement and sales. Overall the campaign was a success and the client was satisfied with the obtained campaign results.

ANTA Livestream Campaign 2021
ANTA Livestream Campaign 2021

ANTA engaged Sushivid for a Livestream Campaign on both Shopee and Lazada platforms. Five Micro Influencers were engaged to do the Livestream on ANTA’s Lazada and Shopee accounts. They were also required to do Instagram Story and Photo posting for promoting their Livestream to encourage the audience to watch the Livestream. More than RM1,000 of sales was generated from both platforms throughout the entire Livestream campaign. Note that this was the first time we collaborated with ANTA for a Livestream campaign. Therefore, we are still in a A/B testing period to help build up the branding on ANTA on e-commerce platform. And now client is coming back to us for more Livestream campaign as we have now have a benchmark and data to improve over time and gain a much better results in sales. Moving forward, we could improve by having the livestream in later time like 8 to 9pm, to gain more viewers.We will focus more on Shopee as the sales in Shopee is much higher compared to Lazada.

Best of Beauty Fiesta
Best of Beauty Fiesta

Due to the pandemic, people are afraid to visit the shopping malls for beauty & skincare product. And Shiseido Groups beauty & skincare product rely heavily on human interaction, advice from consultants at the counter, which is hard to do during the pandemic. Therefore they approach us and came out with an idea known as the Best of Beauty Fiesta, an online virtual beauty event hosted on a Facebook page to bring fans together with brand consultants, to ask any question you may have as well as product demonstrations, to show the product outcome and results. We started fresh with a brand new Facebook page, we engaged a total of 110 seeders influencers to help promote, worked on organic posting content, Facebook ads, online lucky draw/competition and content post to interact with the audience to generate 2400 followers in 4 weeks time. During the main event day we generated a total of 4,587 unique viewers, 20,511 total comments and 3,771 links click. Moving into the future, can improve on having more repetition on product promotion, and provide more clarity on each product deals. We can also have more smaller, casual livestream in between big events to keep the audience engaged and entertainment so that they will be active and stay on our page. For the full case study, click here to view.

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