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We are so serious about improving this industry, we're willing to bet our profit on it. We’re going 100% raw. We will no longer mark up from influencer's fee. If our clients requests for your invoice, we will provide it to them freely.

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Get awesome Influencer sponsorships doing just the type of contents you love for the brands that you truly believe in

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The SushiVid Difference

With seven years experience running influencer campaigns, we have created the foolproof workflow that works beautifully. whether it is communicating with you, clarity on clients' brief, or our speedy payment, we trust you'll love working with us!

No more accounting headache

At SushiVid, we're here to make your life easier. With our payment solution, rest assured, you'll always be paid on time. You may also download all your invoices to file for your income taxes. Want to get SOCSO coverage but you’re a freelancer? We got you!


At SushiVid, we want to empower our influencers to be better at their craft. From time to time we do host events & workshops, we publish our latest research & key learnings in our case studies. You may subscribe to our newsletter to get updated

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