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No contracts

Your AdSense money is your own. We don't take anything. The brands you endorse are entirely up to you, at your proposed price!

Make money

No matter the size of your subscribers/ followers, from big brands to startups, we have brands of all pocket sizes. Never settle for free coverage.

Grow your influencer career

Aspire to become the next Zoella, PewDiePie or Tyler Oakley? Start today with SushiVid. We bring the deals right to your doorstep so you can focus on what you do best, creating awesome content!

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5,000+ Asia's Influencers have joined us. Are you in?

How it works

01 Browse For Campaigns

You will have the opportunity to check all the campaigns you are qualified to compete for.

02 Submit Proposals

Do a simple write up on why they should choose you. Put on your best resume up front!

03 Talk To Brands

If the brand like what they see, they will message you to negotiate further on the campaign.

04 Create Content

Once all the details are locked down, and the brand has committed to the campaign by paying 50% in the escrow account; You can start creating the content.

05 Get Paid

When the brand has accepted the draft, and you have published the content as negotiated. You will get paid!

06 *Special*

SushiVid also handles client's influencer campaigns. When this happens, our team might reach out if you are a good fit for the campaign. So make sure you are on the platform as we will always prioritise SushiVid's influencers! #sushividfam

Browse For Campaigns
Submit Proposals
Talk To Brands
Create Content
Get Paid

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