Pricing in influencer

marketing is an art that took

us seven years to craft.

Factors that affect pricing
Number of Influencers

Managing one vs managing fifty influencers in one campaign is very different.

SushiVid | Pricing Illustration
SushiVid | Types of content
Types of Content

Time is money. At SushiVid, we check every content for you and longer form contents would generally take up more time.

Your Strategist

Don’t throw your budget away on some half hearted influencer marketing campaign. In order to get it right, an influencer marketing campaign needs to be backed by thought through strategy. Experience buys you that!

SushiVid | Pricing Strategist
SushiVid | Time
Urgency and timing of your campaign

Flight tickets get more expensive the closer you are to the travel date. It’s the same principle here. Start early to enjoy better rates.

Duration of campaign

The longer the campaign, the more time is needed.

SushiVid | Campaign Duration
SushiVid | Shake hand
Once off vs Recurring

Every relationship (even ours) takes effort. Understanding your brand and working style requires time. We much prefer long term engagement.

Our service fee is calculated based on our effort & time.
Not based on percentages of influencer’s fee.