About SushiVid

SushiVid is an award-winning tech-based company focused on creating original content with authentic personalities. As Asia’s first Brand-Influencer marketplace, our goal at SushiVid is to help the region’s talent connect seamlessly; to create a space where Brands and Influencers can align to create fresh, impactful and highly engaging content. SushiVid’s cost-friendly platforms made advertising accessible to start-ups and SMEs.

About SushiVid


SushiVid was founded in 2015 by Wen with the intention to solve one problem; to provide an opportunity for all influencers to achieve their dreams to create content that people love.

With dedication and hardwork for 5 years, we made over 40,000 branded contents, more than 5,000 brands signed up on the platform, and paid over 5,000 influencers across South East Asia. As our business continues to grow, we expanded our reach to include KOLs from China, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore.

SushiVid was also selected to participate in the Alibaba Business School’s eFounder program. After which, Wen became the Ambassador of Malaysia for the Alibaba eFounder fellowship.

In a short span of 5 years, SushiVid has won multiple awards in Malaysia. SushiVid is extremely proud to have recently been awarded with bronze for Best Influencer Marketing Campaign by d-Awards organised by the Malaysian Digital Association.

2020, a year of many unprecedented brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, all our lives and businesses changed. When the pandemic hit, we saw a huge influx of influencer marketing agencies. This was due to the surge in demand. While most business activities came close to a standstill for months, SushiVid experienced one of the busiest years on record.

In 2020, we produced over 24,000 Branded Contents, 1,571 brands signed up on the platform, paid over 5,000 influencers, received over 40,000 proposals.

We have also launched our new products:


As a forward looking business, we are always on the lookout for what will become of influencer marketing in the next 3-5 year trajectory. 2020 has turned our world upside down, and as a business it’s harder for us to project the future. However, we genuinely believe that influencers and live streamers are the future of digital marketing and with the new work-from-home lifestyle, there will only be an increase in influencers and agencies alike. In terms of influencer marketing clients, we foresee a much larger demand from home and living sector, FMCG, local travel as well as online training/courses in 2021 and once the market eases, we foresee a huge rise in demand for events, as well as fashion.

We took some time to pen down our thoughts about the forecast of influencer marketing in the next 3 years in our e-book. Please download HERE.

The Group's plans are to expand beyond our current offering to include other business models to ultimately simplify marketing for everyone of our stakeholders - influencers and brands alike.

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