Case Studies

We have put together some of the best work from our brands to showcase how they utilise our influencer management tool to run and support their campaigns. These campaigns are segregated based on categories such as retail businesses, consumer goods, APP installations, product launches, e-commerce marketplaces, offline events, and many more.

Category: eCommerce

Shopee has engaged SushiVid for their 3.3 Mega Sale 2020 campaign. 100 influencers were engaged to seed videos, picture postings and IG stories on social media for the Mega Sale promotions and have generated a lot of noise for the campaign. For this campaign, the influencers were chosen from the seeder category with the strategy to create loads of contents to flood the social media platforms with the promotions for the mega sale.


Category: eCommerce

SushiVid was engaged by Lazada in 2018 for their 11.11 Shopping Festival campaign, which was the Lazada 11.11 Supershow Concert. SushiVid was tasked to engage a mix of mid-tier, high-tier, macros and a small number of alpha influencers. The influencers profiles are race mix of males and females, with a series of content generated on Instagram surrounding how to win an invite to the concert, the deals on Lazada during 11.11, how the influencers enjoyed themselves at the concert, and when the influencers received the products they have ordered from Lazada during 11.11.

> 6 million

Category: Tech Device

3 years ago, SushiVid worked with Vikarworld, a YouTube channel by YouTuber, Vikneswaran to showcase the product usage of TP Link device and increase the brand awareness. The campaign idea to use a paranormal activity prank with TP Link device and captured via CCTV format has created a lot of noise, even until today.


Category: App

Capture app provides users with cloud storage for their photos and videos. For Digi users, they get extra storage of 30GB and 100GB for prepaid and post-paid users respectively. Digi users will also enjoy free uploads that will not eat up their monthly data allocation. Influencers were engaged for video and picture content to Digi users the features of Capture app, and how the app would benefit them. The content included personal stories of how they use the app, reviews of the app, etc.


Category: Business-to-Business

Lafarge Malaysia embarked on an ambitious transformation of the company’s concrete trucks and cement tankers by holding a truck design competition among students from local universities and colleges. It is aimed to totally change the image and perception of the usual dirty and boring looking cement trucks into colourful and vibrant trucks on the streets. Lafarge also hopes that by transforming the trucks into works of art will enable residents to view their city in a different perspective and increasing happiness.

> 15,000

Category: Consumer Goods

LG Puricare Tankless Water Purifier reached out to SushiVid to run a campaign for their brand awareness as well as advocation. The idea was to bring the selected influencers (3 influencers) over to Korea to experience the product itself and to put up some social media postings, emphasising the brand’s benefit.


Category: Product Launch

Alba is a Japanese wristwatch that was created in 1979 by Seiko Watch Corporation. Throughout the years, Alba watches have gained over millions of satisfied new customers specially in the Asian and Middle Easter market. In February 2019, Alba Malaysia was interested in using an influencer management tool to create awareness for the new launching of the Alba 2018/19 SS collection. During the campaign, 7 influencers has engaged for several IG postings to promote and create awareness for the new product launch. The campaign managed to gain 4.46% engagement, which was more than the initial expectation.


Category: Food & Beverage

The client, SOJITZ Sdn Bhd intends to bring together all Japanese food lovers via an influencer management tool to Kagura Ramen at Lot10 in a holistic manner to acquire new customers (especially the Malay crowd), drive trials and to increase brand awareness. In November 2019, SOJITZ has engaged SushiVid for its influencer management campaign. The campaign managed to gather an overall of 34.40% engagement rate, which is above the 4% industry rate for sponsored postings. The client has also mentioned that the coupons being used for the new Malay customers were at 6.30%, which is higher than their usual usage of 4%.


Category: Retail

Poh Kong is one of the largest jewellery retain chain stores in Malaysia. They were interested in exploring an influencer management tool to drive sales and increase the awareness for the Golden Note of Hope among the youth during 2019’s Chinese New Year. During the campaign period, SushiVid has engaged 8 influencers for social postings on Instagram. The campaign has gained an overall of 2.68% engagement rate, which is above the 2% industry rate.


Category: Food & Beverage

Seoul Garden offers an array of authentic Korean dishes and halal-certified to meet the growing demands of the Muslim market. Seoul Garden wanted to grow the brand in tandem with the customers - from students to working adults to starting a family. Hence, in November 2018, it has engaged SushiVid to assist them in creating brand awareness through influencer management for their newly launched outlet. 6 influencers were engaged for several IG postings and the campaign managed to gain an overall of 3.66% engagement rate.


Category: Cost-Per-Sale Series

Ecott Cosme, a Japanese organic skincare series was SushiVid’s first customer in the commission based model. 5 beauty influencers were engaged to promote Ecott Cosme via, an influencer commerce platform aiding brands to sell products through influencers collaborations. SushiVid got the influencers to conduct live stream sessions on their Instagram and some other postings to drive users to the live sessions. The brands page saw an influx of queries from users, we generated a lot of talk for this brand and sold some products!


Category: Live Stream Series

Placentor Vegetal, a French product has reached out to SushiVid to assist them with brand awareness and educate consumers with complex skincare how Placentor could benefit them. 5 beauty influencers were engaged to promote via live streaming sessions accompanied by other postings with products given to them beforehand.

> 2,500

Category: Live Stream & e-Commerce

Taiwan Select, an e-Commerce platform supported by the Taiwan government was in touched with SushiVid to promote their home grown products such as tea, snacks, beauty and skincare products, home appliances, gadgets, etc. Four influencers were engaged for live streams and picture postings. Live streams were conducted via the influencers’ Instagram and Facebook platforms, together with multiple stories to drive viewers to the live sessions. The influencers’ link in bios attracted more than 4,000 clicks when the live streams were happening, and attracted more than a thousand of products’ link clicks from the users. The client was delighted with the results gained from the campaign.


Category: Live Stream & e-Commerce

The ePenjana campaign was a campaign supported by the government to help Micro & SMEs to make business digitally. SushiVid was part of this campaign to assist the brands to list products on our e-Commerce platform, ConfirmPlusChop and sell through influencer commerce. The campaign has attracted about 60 brands to come on board for product listing, live streams and Instagram campaigns. These brands were ranging from beauty, cosmetics, healthcare, personal care, food & beverages, home & living, gifts, etc.The campaign kicked off in early September and within a short time frame, it has generated about RM5,000 in sales. This campaign is the first testament of SushiVid’s new e-Commerce platform, ConfirmPlusChop, which in turn created quite a good impact for its first actual campaign.


Category: IGLinks & e-Commerce

IGLinks is SushiVid’s new partnership, a platform that helps with Instagram profile optimisations and serve as a mini webpage for product promotions, influencer management campaigns, contests, etc. Lazada is one of the IGLinks brand user, which they have utilised IGLinks for their Lazada 9.9 influencer management campaign. A total of 173 accounts were created for the influencers, where they have inserted multiple links and profiles of the attractive promotions and items for the 9.9 sale. These influencers’ accounts have managed to attract a total of 27,830 link clicks and 1,505 clicks have directed back to the Lazada’s platform. Among the 173 influencers’ accounts, the highest page visits and link clicks to Lazada are 8,173 visits and 395 link clicks.

Category: e-Commerce

SushiVid's partner, ConfirmPlusChop was nominated as one of the e-commerce platform to participate in the ASEAN Online Sale Day alongside Lazada and Shopee. The sale was held for a duration of 2 days and successfully made over 149 sales. 14 influencers were engaged in this campaign with only 3 x IG Story postings. The influencers ranged between seeders & micro-influencers to achieve a higher engagement rate. Not to mention, ConfirmPlusChop strategises is to always provide the lowest price amongst other e-commerce as it eliminates the third party reseller. We gave the 14 influencers samples of the product which they are free to review and post more than the 3 x IG Stories. This is because each product sale will also provide them with a commission.