No Shady Business Here

We believe in providing our brands and influencers a safe and transparent place to collaborate together. We do not charge anything for brands and influencers to sign up and use our platform. We only take a fee when a campaign is a go!

Cost Per Post

Want influencers to create the content and promote your brand, product or service?


  • Self service : 15%
  • VIP service : 15% - 25% (depending on service). Refer to 'VIP Service for Brands' below
Cost Per Share

Happy with your content but need more traffic? Let our KOLs share them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


  • Start from budgets as low as RM100.
  • Min. cost: RM4/share for Twitter and RM5/share for Facebook and Instagram


  • Min. 3,000 followers
Cost Per Sale

List your products and let influencers sell them for you.

Currently only available for cosmetics and skincare.


  • Pay per sale of products


  • Paid by sales commission
Live Stream

* Packages not available yet. Contact us for any inquiries.


  • Pay by duration of live & followers


  • Paid per duration (5 - 15 mins per product)
VIP Service for Brands
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SushiVid’s VIP service is the best solution for agencies and brands who want a team of experts to handle their campaigns.

In this package, we will curate the influencers, our team of experts will ideate and come up with influencer management strategies for your campaigns to give you the best ROI.

Ideal for when you’re working on more than 10 influencers at once and have a campaign value of no less than USD3,000.