Simple and Transparent Pricing

We believe in providing our brands and influencers a safe and transparent place to collaborate together. We do not charge anything for brands and influencers to sign up and use our platform. We only take a fee when a campaign is a go!

Self-Service for Influencers
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Management fee

Over 2,000 influencers have successfully done campaigns on our platform.

We put in search tools so that brands can search for you at ease, we added payment gateway so that you can transact hassle-free. We also build an app to help you keep everything organised in one place!

Your fees will be released once your content(s) is approved and payment is released by the client.

Self-Service for Brands
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Management fee

Over 4,000 branded contents have been made on our platform.

Our platform allows you to:

  1. Access to 6,000 SEA influencers
  2. Search for influencers
  3. Work with them through our management tool
  4. Hold your funds in guarantee. If influencers do not deliver, you do not incur losses.
  5. Get analytics upon completion of your campaign.

Our small fee of 25% removes the headache of you handling influencers across multiple platforms, with only one place to do everything from start to end.

VIP Service for Brands
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SushiVid’s VIP service is the best solution for agencies and brands who wants a team of experts to handle their campaigns.

In this package, we will curate the influencers, our team of experts will ideate and come up with influencer marketing strategies for your campaigns to give you the best ROI.

Ideal for when you’re working on more than 10 influencers at once and has a campaign value of no less than USD3,000.