Learn how Malaysia's most prominent brands utilise social media influencers

Lazada: Creating FOMO amongst influencers and followers


s part of Lazada’s 7th Birthday celebration, Lazada decided to throw a Super Party concert featuring well-known artists such as Dua Lipa, Agnes Mo, and Nadine Lustre.

To supplement and maximise the marketing effect of the enormous undertaking, Lazada enlisted SushiVid to help fly influencers to Jakarta. In the end, over 200 Malaysian influencers attended the Super Party and published contents on their social media. SushiVid pulled off this feat within ten days before the event.

As this scale of influencer campaign was unheard of, we received numerous requests from influencers to join this campaign. It created so much excitement and instilled the fear of missing out (FOMO) within influencers, it increased the prestige of Lazada’s future influencer campaigns. Now everyone wants to join Lazada campaigns.

Lazada CTA

Watsons: Creating exclusivity with intimate sessions


he best things about selling your product on Watsons is the support they give you to succeed.

One of the perks is having the Watsons’ marketing team help to set up your brand positioning and introduction to the market, which also includes public activations.

These activations are usually by invite only, bringing the internal teams with members of the media, elite Watsons members and social media influencers altogether. These small but intimate events help foster brand trust and give each party a platform to interact for future collaborations.

The best part of these events is usually during picture time because everyone gets to capture beautiful pictures with the products, decorations and activities organized by the event team. Apart from that, it also ensures these usually one-time-use decorations are fully utilized and spread on social media.

Hiruscar by DKSH: Utilising influencers as roadshow promoters

DKSH HiruscarH

ousehold brand DKSH carries a lot of products, one of it is the Hiruscar Anti-Acne that helps to improve acne condition. Understanding those who are most prone to acne are college students, Hiruscar went to set up a few roadshows to promote the product to the respective target group.

To help maximize their effectiveness, they collaborated with social media influencers to directly interact with the college students and get them to participate with on-site activities and surveys, in exchange for samples for them to try.

DKSH Hiruscar CTA

Tag Heuer: Tapping into their affluent friends and followers

Tag HeuerL

uxury watch brand TAG Heuer went through a bit of a store revamp and relaunch their flagship store at the Gardens Mall, KL. The attendees were members of the press, celebrities, socialites, and the who's who in the business world.

Wanting to publicise and give a glimpse of the hidden world of the rich and famous, TAG Heuer collaborated with SushiVid to engage social media influencers that resonate with the brand.

Apart from the usual lifestyle feed, the influencers posted a few contents of them having fun at the event and showcase the flagship store subtly to their affluent friends and followers.

Tag Heuer CTA