Top 11 Malaysian Finance, Investment & Crypto Influencers


n the past few years, SushiVid has received crypto-currency, forex trading, trading platform type requests on and off, but we often brushed it off because we were swamped with campaigns and didn’t want the hassle of receiving funds in Bitcoin.

But 2021, heck! The pandemic is still ongoing and Elon Musk purchased US$ 1.5 billion's worth of Bitcoin via Tesla. Meitu bought US$ 22 million's worth of Ethereum. That’s something, isn’t it? We knew it was just a matter of time before we needed to get our head into this. So we made the decision to research and go deep into the crypto-currency world to understand and see how influencers could make an impact and behold, there was a world out there we never knew existed!

Fun fact! Malaysia is home to some of the biggest startups in the world for cryptocurrency. Did you know, Etherscan, a Block Explorer and Analytics Platform for Ethereum, a decentralized smart contracts platform is Malaysian? That’s huge! And to think, we had not heard of them in our startup world? That’s because they never needed any money from anyone! They were doing superb!

It is amazing what we didn’t know and we’re so thankful for the opportunity to delve into this. Thanks to Elvin Li, from Manga Token for giving us the opportunity.

In this e-book, we share some of the more trusted influencers in the investment, finance, crypto, forex space from Malaysia. We hope you will download this book, follow some of these awesome influencers, and be on your way to financial freedom!

If you’re a finance, investment type influencer, talk to us! We’d love to get to know you and share your portfolio with our clients.

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