Top 10 Cryptocurrency YouTubers in Thailand


e’re seeing cryptocurrency becoming more mainstream in just the last few months. With Goldman Sachs introducing a cryptocurrency trading desk, Paypal accepting Bitcoin and Tesla buying over US$ 1.5 billion in Bitcoin, we now believe it to be a widely accepted currency.

Influencer marketing too has evolved to cater to these trending topics. Be it NFTs, crypto-currency launches, P2P platforms, trading platforms, or something as simple as gas fees, these are all so new to us. In the past few months, SushiVid has begun receiving campaigns that pay in USDT and we have also accepted a couple of crypto-related campaigns. It’s a huge learning curve for us as we enter a terrain that’s completely unknown to us, but we accept the challenge arms wide open in the spirit of innovation.

We’re so thankful to all these influencers who have lent us their support and guided us along the way on how to make crypto content online. Although legit, it is not widely promoted due to regulations and we had to tread carefully to avoid hitting potholes in the social media space.

Some of the influencers featured in this article are Paul Pattarapon พอล ภัทรพล, MONEY HERO, Investor Network, C A M BKK, Gigkok Wallet, Forex FBN Thailand, Natee Chaleechat, FRESH TALK and more.

Special thanks to Elvin Li from MangaToken, our very first crypto client, that entrusted us with his campaign.

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