Covid-19 Malaysia: SushiVid Empowers Influencers to Help Disseminate ONLY Valid & Reliable News from Official Bodies

On 16 March 2020, The Malaysian Government has announced a 14-day Movement Control Order (MCO) from 18-31 March 2020 in order to contain the spread of Covid-19 and slow down the rise of the Covid-19 cases. It has since been updated to add on another 14 days, extending the MCO to 14 April 2020. All Malaysians, except for those who are providing essential services have been asked to stay at home and leave the house only when there’s a need to purchase essential items or obtain essential services.

During this period of time, social media platforms have seen a huge influx of netizens trying to obtain information, particularly the updates of Covid-19, announcements made by the Government, such as financial aids during the Covid-19 outbreak, Government’s initiatives to control the outbreak, and many more.

What Happens When There Is Too Much Information but No Follow Through?

While there is a lot of news being announced on a daily basis, there isn’t much follow up information for the public to follow through. Some parties with special intentions will even take the opportunity to spread fake news, which in turn causes more confusion to the public. Worse case scenario, the public will get cheated for their hard earned savings during this difficult time.

For instance, the Government has announced all citizens below the age of 55 can now withdraw RM500 per month from their EPF accounts up to 12 months, starting 1 April onwards to ease them from financial burdens. However, scammers took the opportunity to create fake postings on social media, which will lead them to a faulty webpage.

The Prime Minister has also announced the country is in need of 2,000 nurses and medical staff on contract basis during the outbreak. However, not many know how and where to apply. If someone has contacts and wishes to help, where should this person direct his or her contacts to?

There are also citizens who do not know what to do if they contracted with Covid-19, or they suspect they contract with Covid-19. Many of them would have rushed to the hospitals, when the right thing to do is to call the hotline provided by the Ministry of Health (MOH) instead of crowding the hospitals.

Empowering KOLs to Disseminate Valid Information via Social Media Platforms

SushiVid Covid-19 Crisis Aid Page screenshot

Where influencers can download ready-made bite-size information in Instagram Story format to share with their followers. These contents are made in English, Malay and Chinese.

With that, SushiVid has decided to create our own pool of influencers to disseminate the information. We will go to the proper sources, and we will share to our platforms so that there is follow through. We will partner with our KOLs to compile and disseminate contents with proper follow up details, which consists of official websites, emails, phone numbers, addresses, as well as calls to actions where the public can refer to.

SushiVid will create bite size information to help inform the netizens the right thing to do during the outbreak. We are also opening our door to all Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Nonprofit Government Organizations (NGOs) and Government bodies that require us to share information to the mass audiences to keep them informed.

This action is set to be non-profitable but solely an effort to assist the Malaysian Government to provide an option to put through important announcements, and provide a platform with follow up actions where all Malaysians can refer to.

How to be Part of This Initiative?

If you are a SME, NGO or Government body that wishes to deliver some important and useful information to the public, fill up this form:

If you are an influencer and wish to lend us a helping hand, please go to

Together we can defeat Covid-19. Let’s #SteadyBersama and spread only credible and reliable information to our anak-anak Malaysia!