Impact of Pandemic to Influencer Marketing


here shall be light at the end of the tunnel! With global vaccination programs running, we have finally found hope to co-exist with and to overcome COVID-19. Some optimists even believe we will be able to live ‘mask free’ and to roam freely again, soon.

Virus outbreaks, wars, financial crisis, tsunami, the human race have been through many life altering periods. We can learn from history and have hope that “this too, shall past”. We will not only survive but thrive once again.

The pandemic has impacted businesses across all sectors, influencer (KOL) marketing included. When the pandemic hit, we saw a huge influx of influencer marketing agencies. This is due to the surge in demand for all things online. Needless to say, we were caught off guard and had to make many adjustments to remain competitive (that’s for another story). Many businesses rush to go online, logistics companies were booming, new startup opportunities arose in these trying times. Many say that this pandemic set e-commerce 5 years ahead in Southeast Asia. Do you agree? But...what happens then when this is over?

As a forward-looking business, we wanted to know what is next for influencer marketing in the 3-5 year trajectory. We believe we’re at the forefront of influencer marketing and our decisions will shape the industry, which is why it is absolutely critital that we share our findings with you.

At SushiVid, we are blessed to have friends and mentors that have guided us along this journey. We were able to catch up with some business leaders, entrepreneurs, and media friends to get a feel of what will happen in the market and through that ripple effect, impact influencer marketing or digital marketing in general.

In this e-book, we share about the pandemic’s impact to businesses, especially tourism, property, decentralisation of cities, the possibility for the public to face online fatigue, the mass adoption of technology by the elderly (Kudos to all Mobile Apps for making this inclusive) and some new ideas we have for influencer marketing, features that will help make us stay competitive. We hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoyed making it. Do leave us a feedback and get the conversation going!

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