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  • Marketing channels have evolved swiftly over the past five years as Millennials are seeking “preferential” content to consume.

    These days, Millennials have moved on from traditional media such as TV and radio to digital/web-based mediums to idolise their celebrities.
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    Matching Brands with Influencers
    Published: 11 August 2018
    With a degree in Commerce, it was logical for Foong Yuh Wen to work in the financial services sector.

    That’s exactly what she did after returning home from overseas upon graduating. But she soon found her job as an equity research assistant at an investment bank to be tedious.
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    A Platform for Influencers
    Published: 26 March 2018
    SushiVid is a marketplace that brings social media influencers and brands together.

    ONE way for social media ­influencers to make money is by collaborating with brands, and ­hoping to bridge the gap is Yuhwen Foong. She created SushiVid, an online marketplace where ­influencers and brands can ­connect, ­collaborate and benefit each other.
  • Yuhwen Foong was once an aspiring actress who struggled to make her big dreams come true.

    "I was dangling at the end of the food chain, going for dozens of castings, but getting no call backs and worst of all getting consistently low pay for all the effort I put in. I just wanted to land a good gig but I also had to deal with all the logistical nightmare of following up on jobs and my payment from different agencies,” Foong recalls.
  • An aspiring actress, YuhWen Foong aims to disrupt the digital branding world in Malaysia by changing the way brands and digital influencers connect with SushiVid.

    Human Asia was honored to have been granted this exclusive interview by Wen.
  • Aspiring local content creators were treated to a workshop full of sponsorship opportunities with brands such as Hermo, b.liv, Havaianas, Lazada, MILO® NUTRI UP™, BLU, JBL, and ZICO® Coconut Water, Monster Energy, and TagBooth.

    The social media influencer workshop was organised by SushiVid, a platform connecting brands to social media influencers
  • SUSHIVID, a company that connects brands to social media influencers, is organising its first workshop called “Crunch”.

    Over 100 social media content creators, including bloggers, Instagrammers and YouTubers, are set to attend the workshop.
  • AFTER a year in business SushiVid chief executive officer Yuhwen Foong says she has learnt and gained much in her journey as an entrepreneur.

    Foong describes SushiVid as a brand influencer marketplace, a platform that connects brands with influencers, primarily catering to those on YouTube, Instagram and other popular social media platforms.
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    Graduate Stories Episode 1
    Published: 27 October 2016
    Many people came up to me and asked, “Hey! What are your graduates up to these days?”

    I think having the graduates themselves share with you directly is probably more convincing.
  • Bootcamp survivors progress to second phase of DBS HotSpot 2016

    Following an intense three months of training and experimentation, nine start-ups were selected from DBS’s HotSpot Bootcamp to move on to the next stage – the Pre-Accelerator. With Seedly, a personal finance tool, also one Singapore Fintech Startups made it.
  • MALAYSIANS spend an average of 80 minutes per session on YouTube when using mobile devices, double the global average of 40 minutes, according to a study by TNS Research and Google Malaysia – which means brands and marketers are circling.

    But tapping into this rich vein of media consumption is easier said than done. Kuala Lumpur-based startup SushiVid is attempting to address this need with its online marketplace that connects brands to YouTube influencers.
  • TODAY’S Tech Talk with DNA show on BFM Radio went exactly the way Freda Liu, the usual host of the segment, likes it to go, with the flow being more of a conversation than a monologue by yours truly.
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    Vid Pro Quo
    Published: 7 March 2016
    YouTube marketplace facilitator SushiVid’s goal is to bridge the gap between what advertisers would like to achieve via Internet video and what YouTubers can offer. MEK ZHIN reports.

    EVER since the invention of the television, humans have been hooked on the moving image as a source for just about everything. And when the Internet came along, it was only a matter of time before videos went viral globally.
  • Start-ups come and start-ups go. Where some flourish, many falter. Thankfully for CEO and Co-Founder, Yuh Wen Foong, it looks like SushiVid is a stayer.

    Sure they’ve got a catchy name and an on-trend concept, but their real strength lies in their grit and determination. But don’t just take our word for it. SushiVid’s ability to hustle and take the grind has been recognised by major accelerators.


  • BFM Interview January 2017
    Influencer Marketplace
    Published: 4 January 2017
    YouTube is the third most visited website in Malaysia. That means we consume a lot of video content. At the same time, we also see a lot of emerging content creators on this platform as well. SushiVid is a marketplace that connects both brands and creators to create a win-win situation. Yuh Wen Foong, CEO of SushiVid will share with us why they are #MacamAgensiTapiBukan.
  • BFM Interview May 2016
    A Tale of Three Marketplaces
    Published: 5 May 2016
    Karamjit Singh from Digital News talks about a brand new startup called SushiVid that aims to make it easier for brands to connect to YouTube influencers, Shopee's university to help train sellers to sell better and faster and Ensogo and why it has changed its models from traditional eCommerce to B2C marketplace.