I'm a Brand

Before Campaign Begins
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    How much do we charge for one campaign?

    A campaign starts at US$100. However, this is highly dependant on the demand and supply during the period in which your campaign is on, and the country your chosen campaign is targeting. Do submit a brief anyway, that’s free!

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    What is the process?

    You will receive your content in 5 steps.

    • You submit a brief - call for proposal
    • Influencers propose their great ideas
    • You decide on the winning proposal - you can view their analytics and price comparison here
    • Influencer makes the masterpiece
    • You get your content!
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    Can we guarantee views?

    We do not guarantee views as it is subject to the influencers creativity. Just like landing page testing, you have to conduct a couple of tests in order to get it right, we do suggest to work on a couple of ideas at once to make a sound comparison.

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    How many influencers you have?

    We are proud to say that we have 500 high quality influencers on our platform. We make sure all our influencers have a certain amount of following before they are allowed on our platform.

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    Can we see your list of influencers?

    We do not show our list of influencers to the brands to avoid all of you requesting for the one famous influencer only. SushiVid strongly believes in nurturing our long-tailed influencers and believes they deserve a chance to propose to you equally.

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    How long does it take to launch a campaign?

    A campaign can go from 14 days to 30 days depending on how much you complicated is the shoot and if you require to ship products to the influencer. If it is an urgent request, please write to us directly at [email protected]

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    Why has my campaign not been approved yet?

    We try to review and approve new campaigns within 24 hours. If your campaign has not gotten approved after 24 hours, contact us.

    Normally a campaign would not get the green light because:

    • We are not sure of what you want
    • Your product/service is not live yet
    • It’s very fishy, we can’t find you anywhere on the net!
    • Not an official representative of the brand
    • Photo for campaign was too small/low resolution
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    Is the price fix?

    Yes, we highly recommend that you do not negotiate the prices with our influencer as they are following our price guideline. Should you feel that the price quoted is not something you are willing to pay, please contact your account manager.

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    Can I have a case study?

    Of course, our case studies are available upon request.

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    Where will the video/post be uploaded?

    The video/post will be uploaded to the influencer’s channel. Influencer marketing is about tapping on the influencer’s influence. However, if you would like the option to have the content created uploaded to your own social media channels as well, please inform the influencer in the brief as well, as there may be additional charges.

During Campaign Period
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    Do you have payment terms?

    As an online portal, 50% of payment are to be paid upon acceptance of an influencer via bank transfer/ paypal and the balance will be collected upon completion of the campaign.

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    Do we have to pay for production cost?

    The production costs is borned by the influencer

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    I can’t find the right influencer, they are too expensive.

    Please contact your account manager, we will go through your proposals with you to see if there is anything we could do about the prices.

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    Can we chat with the influencer?

    Yes you may chat with the influencer. The chat function works primarily to help the influencer and you clarify in greater details what you are requesting for. If you choose to discuss pricing, influencer is required to create a new proposal to reflect the new pricing.

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    What if I don’t like the video?

    Depending on what you do not like about the video, some changes can be made by the influencer if there is an apparent fault on their end. There is only usually 2 iterations allowed. We encourage you to go through the influencer’s past videos/posts to determine if he/she is a right fit for you before the commencement of your campaign.

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    Why are they expensive?

    SushiVid is only 1 years old. Before our existence, influencers have practiced a “anyhow-anyhow” pricing model. Nobody actually knows how to price themselves. We are here to set a guideline for our influencers and if the influencers follow our guideline, the price should be right. If you have questions on this, please reach out to your account manager.

I'm an Influencer

General FAQ
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    Is there a contract? I already work with MCN company, can I work with SushiVid?

    There is absolutely no contract, we won’t keep you against your will! You can work with both your MCN company and SushiVid, we go well together, like sushi and wasabi.

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    Do I own my content?

    Sure! SushiVid and sponsors do not own your content. You still have a 100% control of your account and your videos.

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    How to sign up for an account? / How many subscribers to qualify?

    You need a minimum of 250 subscribers to be eligible to sign up with SushiVid. If you’re an instagrammer, you need 2000 followers to sign up. Simply click here and there will be instructions along the way.

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    Does it affect your own existing sponsorships?

    No. Your sponsorships made outside of SushiVid are your own.

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    What is SushiVid about?

    SushiVid is a marketplace that connects Brands to Influencers for sponsorship.

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    How active should I be on the site?

    It is entirely up to you how active you wish to be on the site. However, you will miss out on the projects you might be interested in.

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    What does SushiVid do with my YouTube data? What can brands see?

    We display your information to help brands decide which Influencer gets picked but we DO NOT store your YouTube data. However, if the video was made for a campaign, that particular data will be extracted for the brand’s analytical use.

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    Do I need to buy the products for the sponsorship?

    NO. If you are selected, the brand will send the product to you for free. No deductions are to be made from campaign payment. So that’s free products + payment.

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    What to do when I can’t get in contact with Influencer/brand?

    Allow 48 hours for Brands to get back to you. Buzz them on private message and if there are still no replies, contact us via our live chat. Please also include the name of the Influencer/Brand, the campaign title and any other information you may have to help us make this as smooth sailing as possible.

    There’s usually a quick response but in rare unforeseen circumstances that a Influencer goes all MIA on us, SushiVid will fish out a fair solution for both parties:

    • Cancelling and refunding the brand
    • Paying the Influencer
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    Why can’t I login or sign up?

    Here are two reasons why you might be facing a signup or login problem:

    • You might have hidden your subscriber count. To be eligible to sign up, we need to know that you have a minimum of 250 subscribers in YouTube or 2000 followers in Instagram!
    • You are trying to sign up using a different email address than the one attached to your YouTube account. Visit https://www.youtube.com/account to make sure you’re using the right email address!
Payments Related
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    When do I get paid? How long to process payment?

    Currently, we issue payment at the end of every month, if payment is via cheque. BUT When our payment gateway is ready, you can click on the platform to release payment to your bank whenever the withdrawal funds are available.

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    How much does SushiVid cost?

    There are two good news here! Firstly, there are no joining fees, we’re letting you sign up for free! Second, Congratulations if you were successfully chosen for a campaign! This is when it matters to you. We do charge Influencers 25% out of the successful campaigns.