SushiVid Criminal Breach Of Trust Information Page

We are sorry to all the victims of this breach. We are doing everything we can to repair the damages to the influencer ecosystem. The actions of our former employee(s) is not a reflection of our values.

  • How does a commission/rebate/referral fee request looks like?


    • Hi, I am proposing you for a campaign, can I include in your amount another RM200 as my commission?
    • Hi, I got you a campaign for RM400. You will receive RM500 from SushiVid. Can you transfer RM100 to my bank?
  • How do I report an incident?

    For your protection, please send us a screenshot of the message and email it to us at [email protected]

  • Why is this wrong in SushiVid’s context?

    At SushiVid, we set high values and have a certain standard operating procedures that all our employees are expected to adhere to. We are not implying these are industry standards, nor are we saying we are better or worse than industry standards, but it is the values we stand by as an organisation.

    As an employee of SushiVid, it is our duty to provide our clients with influencers based on what is best for the client’s objectives and goals. By receiving your kickbacks/commission/referral fees/favour, we are no longer impartial. We are no longer able to objectively act in the best interest of our clients as there is an incentive condition upon you receiving the job.

  • Will I get in trouble for whistleblowing?

    No. Our influencers are the victims here. When asked by an employee of SushiVid, we understand that it is hard to say no, given he/she has the power to include you in the influencer list (we are taking steps to mitigate this), but you are the victim here. We will ensure your anonymity and privacy.

  • What is SushiVid’s next steps to mitigate this?

    This is an ongoing process for us. It is also our first time managing this and we appreciate your patience. We have temporarily frozen all payments to influencers until the influencer declares whether they have/have not receive such a suggestion from our employee.