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Hello to all brands and marketers! We have great news for those of you who are interested in Influencer Marketing! We have recently partnered with iPay88, a leading and award-winning regional payment gateway provider in Southeast Asia (SEA) to assist our brands, marketers, Micro and Small-Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to market your products and services via Influencer Marketing.

Do you want to improve your brand awareness, reach out to your target audience in an effective manner, and build trust for your products and services? Sign up with us today to enjoy what we are offering to help support your business!

We are offering three exclusive influencer marketing packages together with a growth package from iPay88 where it allows you to COMBINE Influencer Marketing and the Payment Gateway Solution for your campaign.

No more costly set-up fee for your payment gateway and you also get to leverage on the influencers to help promote your brands in a more effective manner! Be it selling online or offline we have curated the best deals for you!

Reach 100,000 worth of impressions today for your brands! It’s now or never! Quickly grab the chance before you missed it!

What Are The Special Deals?

Ipay88 growth packagePlusSv promo starterOrSv seeding comboOrSv growth bundle

Interested in the campaign packages to kick start your influencer marketing campaign? Do fill-up the entry form below to submit your details to us!